Sunday, April 27, 2008


i have switched to - i am just getting started with the site. hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

the Flip side

I am disappointed to report this last week has not been a good one for my running. and it's upsetting. I hired a coach about 2 weeks ago and I have a schedule now. I hired the coach because i feel like i need the coaching of someone who is experienced, especially with ultra running. My goal is to finish a 50 Miler, strong. I have other goals too, but this is the main one right now. Starting off with my coach and having a crappy running week does not feel good. Last saturday I ran the trail half-marathon and felt happy! I was giddy-like afterwards. Then the running week started on tuesday:

4/21/08: 5 miles/48:30/9:42 pace - treadmill
4/22/08: 4.5 miles/43:14/9:36 pace - outside, hills
4/26/08: 6 miles/59:44/9:57 pace - outside, hills

I was also to run on Thursday, but i missed it. I had no time unless i wanted to get up and run at 5:30am and I am just not real comfortable doing that right the morning darkness

Wednesday's run and todays felt like crap. I felt incredibly sluggish. Legs felt very tight and heavy. I EVEN GOT A MASSAGE LAST NIGHT. A mild one > not very deep at all. Of course, I wish i felt differently. But, all this really messes with my mind...these were some of my thoughts today during the run:"my coach is gonna think i suck", "what is wrong with me?", "what if i am not able to run 50 miler?" "what does that mean for me?" "maybe i should take a break?" and on and on...even the music on my iPOD could not drone out my pounding thoughts. and even my rising anger could not make it any better (which is often times does)

I hope some of ya'll out there can relate??

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Race Report: Granite Grinder Trail Half-Marathon

Awesome. Fun. Challenging.
Yesterday, I ran the Granite GrinderLooking at the course map and profile and having run some of these trails before, i knew i was in for a challenge. Also, I ran 3 days during the week so I was curious to see how my legs would do. I wasn't concerned with time. My focus was to enjoy it and practice. My longer goal is to finish a 50 miler this year.
With just a 1-2-3 GO for the race start, we were off and running. The course was a mix of grassy meadow crossings, narrow, single-track technical trails, granite slab sections and lots of up and downs. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I found myself smiling a lot and going as fast as i could on the downhill sections. It was so fun and free-ing! The uphills were tough and i just took my time. It was gorgeous scenery all around. It had rained the night and early morning prior, leaving some sections good and muddy. At one point, i just directly went into a big muddle puddle rather than shift around it as some of the folks in front of me had done. isn't a trail run if you aren't gonna get muddy, right! I also took 2 wrong turns on the course and this probably cost me about 3-5 minutes off my time. Again, this is bound to happen in a trail race. The first 6 miles were the toughest but they did throw in a good steep section at mile 11.5! Soon enough I was headed for the finish line clock. 2:31 (not counting for lost time)
Great post-race. Lots of bagels, peanut butter, donuts, bananas, water, Vitamin Water (which i tried for 1st time and really like it) and a great Brooks TECHNICAL race shirt.
I will definitely do this race again and I hope these folks put on more! A great job. Most fun I have had in a race in quite some time!!

April 19: 2:31/13.1 miles/11:31 pace - trails
April 17: 39:03/4 miles/9:46 pace - road
April 16: 58:52/6 miles/9:48 pace - road
April 15: 30:23/3.25 miles/9:20 pace - treadmill

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"those who say that i will lose and am finished will have to run over my body to beat me."

-Said Aouita

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the back nine

4/13/08: 6.15 mile run/1:00/9:46 pace
4/12/08: 4 miles trail/42:31/10:37 pace - again at Chattahoochee. Different trail. Good 'n' muddy!
4/11/08: 20 minutes Swim
4/9/08: 3 mile run
4/8/08: 2 miles/17:45/8:44 pace

I was glad to get out on the trail again on Saturday. The more I go to that location, I will be more familiar with it and able to go longer distances without getting lost. Good running weather this weekend although it was a bit windy today. I feel like I am getting sick of running in some of the same areas so going to trail yesterday was great and then today I went into an area I had not been in a while. A different scene is good!
I'm just about committed to getting a coach. I feel like I am at a point where I could use valuable advice and coaching if I am to 1) finish a 50 miler strong and 2) improve my speed overall.

I will keep you posted. I feel like it is worth the investment.

Watched a lot of the MASTERS this weekend. Awesome! Can't play golf, but sure love watching the majors!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

4/6/08 -AM workout = 43:23 trail run @ chattahoochee trailsPM workout = 36:35/8.69 mile bike ride

I went trail running for the first time in a looong time. It was not easy. Part of the trail i was on was steep and technical. a good thing though since I signed up for the Granite Grinder coming up in 2 weeks. It was pretty muddy out there since we have had some my new Solomons all shucks....

I need a good challenge.

yeah, c'mon!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

what's inside?

4/5/08: 20 min swim, 20:35 run - 2.25 miles/9:08 pace
4/3/08: 30 minutes basketball
4/1/08: 2 miles/20:35

Took the week easy after the half-marathon last weekend. Mixed it up with some basketball at the gym and the then got into the pool for the first time in about 2 years. I am not a good swimmer. I barely know how to when i do get in, I am definitely going beyond my comfort zones. But, isn't that what brings meaning to our lives...going beyond what is comfortable so that we can grow? If we always stick to the same things, how we will ever learn more about ourselves? You can apply this to anything, of course. Today just happened to be swimming. I was uncomfortable. I even waited for an open lane cause i didn't want to share with someone else. I am self-conscious in the pool. I feel like I stand out as someone who isn't very skilled(i realize of course that no one is probably paying any attention to me)
The swimming itself was hard. I felt like i labored for 20 minutes. I guess that i shouldn't expect anything different since I have not swam for 2 years, at least. I went in today to do something different and mix it up a bit. I will go back and I will still feel uncomfortable...but that's ok. My life isn't about feeling good all the time. I need the experience of that which is uncomfortable. It allows me reflection and contemplation...crucial things for living my life.