Sunday, April 13, 2008

the back nine

4/13/08: 6.15 mile run/1:00/9:46 pace
4/12/08: 4 miles trail/42:31/10:37 pace - again at Chattahoochee. Different trail. Good 'n' muddy!
4/11/08: 20 minutes Swim
4/9/08: 3 mile run
4/8/08: 2 miles/17:45/8:44 pace

I was glad to get out on the trail again on Saturday. The more I go to that location, I will be more familiar with it and able to go longer distances without getting lost. Good running weather this weekend although it was a bit windy today. I feel like I am getting sick of running in some of the same areas so going to trail yesterday was great and then today I went into an area I had not been in a while. A different scene is good!
I'm just about committed to getting a coach. I feel like I am at a point where I could use valuable advice and coaching if I am to 1) finish a 50 miler strong and 2) improve my speed overall.

I will keep you posted. I feel like it is worth the investment.

Watched a lot of the MASTERS this weekend. Awesome! Can't play golf, but sure love watching the majors!!

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Joe said...

> 4/11/08: 20 minutes Swim

I didn't know you swam. Good for you!